piano lessons

Mitchell, Tennyson and Jordan are all in piano lessons again this year. Last winter, Tennyson complained all winter about not wanting to go to piano. He wanted to stay home and play, not practice piano. Practicing seemed an issue for all three of them. This year, I decided I'd give them all the choice abut whether to continue lessons before I signed them up. Surprisingly, they all said yes!

Of course, a month in, the boys are again complaining about lessons, and saying they want to quit. There is no winning.

I actually love that they're learning piano. They're all improving, and their music sounds more like actual songs and less like just the little tunes that are solely intended to help them remember notes and read sheet music. Especially Jordan's. this is her fifth year of lessons and she sounds great! She plays harder songs all the time, and I love listening to her. She'll even admit that her years of piano have given her a definite edge in music class at school.

My intention this year is to make them practice more, and get as far ahead as possible, in case they all opt out next year. In grade 5 they start playing guitar at school, so their music continues. If they drop out of piano after grade 4 I'll have them play guitar each night with Steven instead of practicing piano.

There will be music in this house, dammit!


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