did all the things today, even if finding ten was a stretch

Today I have accomplished:

1. A nap on my couch in the middle of the afternoon, in my kitchen.

2. I took the kids to swimming lessons.

3. I hit a bunch of pokestops and got no revives. I know, it's kind of a big deal.

4. I ditched my family for 30 minutes to meet a friend at a specific pokestop so we could lure it and sit there for 30 minutes and see what turned up.

5. Showered.

6. Braided daughters' hair.

7. Transferred a spider plant from an itty bitty container to a nice hanging basket thing that has yet to be put up. CoughCoughStevenCough

8. I told Steven that he was making pizza for supper. Nicely. He's totally doing it.

9. I drank all the coffee.

10. I stayed completely caught up on my blog. Go. Me.


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