Jordan's gymnastics started up again tonight. She started in grade 3 and is now in her 4th year. She's in pre-competitive, which is awesome. She's come a long way since running around, and intentionally falling off equipment when she was a goofy eight year old. She still sometimes intentionally falls of equipment as a goofy eleven year old, but she's definitely becoming a better gymnast. Tonight they were marking down how well the girls completed the different gymnastics moves. They divided them into groups and a coach took each group and had each girl, one at a time, demonstrate each move. Then they marked it down.

I'll admit it, I was bored. This was an hour and a half. My butt was sore from the hard wooden bench. I may have played on my phone while pretending to watch Jordan wait in line for her turn at each station. I vaguely heard some of the other parents as they talked about technique and aptitude. Thankfully, the mom to the right of me was marking homework (she's a teacher), and the mom to the left of me was editing photos on her computer. I suppose my activity was less legitimate as an acceptable distraction, but oh well. I may have dropped the ball a little when one of the other moms asked which kid was mine and I had no idea where in the gym she was, but I looked around thoughtfully and said, "that's weird, she was just there..."

It's called quick thinking.

Seriously though, Jordan loves gymnastics and it's fun watching her work through the different equipment and floor routines, although I may have to break up the time with a short walk or two.


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