"ingress" night

It's been noticed that I haven't mentioned Ingress Nights on this blog. In the spirit of not having my friends all super sad due to the lack of recognition, here it is.


I started book club 3 or 4 or so years ago after seeing an add online for a book club, and joining. Vicki, one of the girls (women?)(sure) in book club seemed like someone I could be friends with, so I stalked her for a while until she reluctantly began hanging out with me.

She's the one who introduced me to Ingress, an game where you drive around town, stealing portals and making links and fields. We Ingressed in Winnipeg, Carman, St. Claude, etc. On Wednesday nights after Vicki's youth leading responsibilities, we'd drive around Portage, eating ice cream, scooping up ingress gear (for epic battles later), and visiting.

Our team, the Resistance, dominated Portage, mostly because there were no opponents. The people who played for the other team when we started playing gave up in the face of our awesome dominance and left the game. So when one day, we noticed that there was a bad guy out taking back some portals, we were actually pretty pumped. Well, Vicki was more freaking out because her "special portals" were under attack, so we ran around the countryside retaking portals as fast as they were evilly stolen.

And on some dusty road in the middle of nowhere, we ran into our bad guy. He was parked beside a portal, and Vicki pulled in behind him. Of course, being the rational one, I yelled at her to drive away, because bad guys in the night is never a good thing, but she's all trusting and friendly, so she put the car in park and rolled down the window after he got out of his car and stalked angrily over to where we were parked. That's how we met Jody, who, as it turns out, isn't really all that scary.

Shortly after that, Jody started hopping in with us on Wednesdays and we'd all drive around and farm for gear together. After a while, we reluctantly admitted, that driving around for hours each Wednesday was slightly less exciting, especially since we didn't actually play ingress much anymore, and we started swapping out ingress for other things: movies, pool, MarioKart (actually, I think MarioKart was first), games, tennis, fishing!, Pokemon Go, wings, moving furniture, croquet, and air-soft. Each week someone says "What are we doing for Ingress?" and we figure out what goofy thing we want to do. It's. Been. Awesome.

It's funny how paths cross and friendships are formed.


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