My aunt called to see if we wanted pumpkins. I said sure! We love pumpkins! Steven likes to make pumpkin puree and from there he makes the best homemade pumpkin pie ever, and we're pretty much out of last year's puree, so of course we want pumpkins. The kids have also been bugging about having pumpkins to carve this year.


On the weekend, Steven takes a run over to my aunt's, picks up the pumpkins, comes home, gets distracted, and the pumpkins stay in the van.

Our van has no buckets. No storage compartments.

I thought he was going to get the kids each a pumpkin to carve and maybe a couple of extra for puree. As is usually the case, I thought wrong. The van comes home loaded with pumpkins. Eighteen of them.

 Don't get me wrong, free farm fresh produce is always welcome. The annoyance comes in when I go to drive the van the next day, only to have pumpkins literally rolling around my van the entire drive. The ones in the back weren't so bad, once the pile toppled over they pretty much settled into their places. It was the ones the kids insisted having in and around their chairs that were the problem.

I leave the driveway, I turn left. The pile in the back topples, three of the pumpkins fall off the kids' seats and roll across the floor of the van and bump into the right wall. I come to a stop at the stop sign. A pumpkin rolls up the aisle between the seats and bumps into the garbage can and storage bucket. I begin to drive again, the pumpkin rushes back down the aisle to the back. The kids squeal with laughter. I turn right, the pumpkins bump and roll across the van again and come to a stop against the left door. I go up the overpass, I go down the overpass. The kids go to school. I turn around and get driving again, to the tune of pumpkins partying all over my van. At one point, I manage to grab two of them (hey, at least it's not texting...) and drop them into my little storage bucket.


I grab the third one the next time it rolls to the front, and drop it onto the floor in front of the front passengers seat, swearing at the pumpkins as I go.


After work, I go pick up the kids, and make sure to let them know that nobody does anything until every last pumpkin is brought inside.


Of course, being kids, they deposited them all over the front entrance and had to be called back to pile them nicely, but at least my van is now pumpkin-free.

Can't wait for pie.


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