because i haven't blogged about work in a while

Yay Friday! Subbing today. It's currently 10am and I'm supervising kids in the computer lab. Nice group of kids. Some classes I find are more open to subs. These are the kids I can relate to, chat up, have a sense of humor with. Then there are the "ooh, a sub - let's get her!" classes. They are less fun. It's a challenge to get them to stop talking, to listen to instructions, to get work out of. Certain grades and ages fall more easily into one or the other category, but still, depends on the day and the kids. Friday afternoons can be an adventure too. Today I end the day with Home. Ec. They're sewing. Last time I was in, there was a kid who sewed a heart into the tip of her finger, with black thread. I have a picture here somewhere...

I said to the kid, as I was taking the picture, "Keep in mind, me taking this picture in no way condones this behavior."

They like when I say things like that.

Today they've got me booked solid for the entire day. I'm covering for other teachers during my prep class, and I have supervision duties over both recesses. I probably shouldn't have had all that coffee this morning.

12:54pm - (I'm writing this over the course of the day) Lunch is just ending. I ate a piece of cake in the staff room and I think I'm changing colours.

I now have Home. Ec. for three periods. I'm starting to think Home. Ec. teachers are secretly scared to start the pajama pants projects, because this is the second time I've come to this school and been instructed to get out fabric and patterns and start the pants. I am so not starting the pants. If they had already started the pants, and were now just continuing the pants, I'd do the pants. I don't know if you know, but I don't sew clothes.  Anyway. There are some little assignments they have to do first, and we may just work at a relaxed pace this afternoon. Usually I propel kids along a little so they get a decent amount of work done. It'll be okay. She does say "if" anyone finishes they can start the pants.

3:05 - I'm now in a computer room with a grade 5 class. I've decided that grade 5 is my favourite age group. They're still a little innocent, they're excited about school, they're friendly with subs, they have yet to develop a junior high attitude, and they're not really little kids anymore. They're funny and they understand sarcasm. They generally think I'm cool, which of course, I am.

I'm a little exhausted this afternoon, so having free time in the computer lab is a little awesome. The school day ends in about twenty minutes, and then my weekend starts!

Being that I'm young and hip, I'm going to go home and par-tay!

Kidding. I'm totally going to nap. Maybe make supper. Or, we'll scrounge. Life's good.

Happy Friday, everyone! Cheers!


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