some random sunday stuff

1. I've been sore for days. My back, neck, shoulder. I did a bunch of yoga thinking I'd stretch it out the other day. The next morning Steven had to pull me out of bed. Lots of T3s. I think I might live.

2. I really want to eat the bagel that's thawing on the counter. But then I'd have to get up and put it in the toaster.

3. Steven and the kids went to the Halloween Haunted Museum here in town last night. I stayed home. Steven did not bring me an owl. I was horribly disappointed. One does not send his wife a picture of the cutest tiniest owl in the world, and then not steal it for her at the end of the night.

 4. I should probably do laundry. Or grocery shop. Or pack lunches. I should probably do a lot of things.

5. I won Phase 10. Steven pouted halfway through and had a mini tantrum. Look what he did to the cards when it was my turn to shuffle.


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