tuesday afternoon

Alright, apparently nobody liked my book review from yesterday. Fine. Whatever.
I present Tuesday's Fantastic Five:
  1. My right thumb has a finger crack right at the tip. It's the exact part of the thumb I text with. Fan-freakin-tastic.
  2. My lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth all day due to my cold.
  3. My baby is less than attractive due to her bright red, chafed teething cheeks. Gotta love those fantastic two year molars coming in before baby is two.
  4. It's 4:02 and the magic supper fairy has yet to arrive and transform the half-thawed bag of hamburger sitting in the sink.
  5. I'm on the waiting list at the library for a book I really want to read. Someone is hoarding my book.
First world problems are a real bitch.

Seriously though, not a bad day. Got a 5+ mile walk in this morning with a friend, used the cold as an excuse to set a giant pile of peanut butter and jam sandwiches on the table and call it lunch, and had a little cat nap on the couch while the boys played nintendo. Not a lot of accomplishments today, but I'll take it. My carpets are still clean and fluffy from yesterday, and the linoleums are nice and shiny. It could be worse.

What's with this weather? The end of February and suddenly Mother Nature wakes up from her alcohol-induced coma and decides it's time to salvage what's left of winter? Shame on her. Just, shame.

My kids are doing the really cute full-belly laughs in the living room. Nothing good ever comes from that laugh, especially when it's Jordan. She has this amazing from the bottom of her toes laugh that I just love, yet I groan inwardly when I hear it, because usually it means there is naughtiness about. Sometimes I'll wait a second before I check on it, just so I can hear her laugh like that.

My baby is pantless. Oh! Diaperless too. Should probably do something about it. Something along the lines of getting her little dimpled baby bum to use the toilet. She's now scrambling to put her pants back on before I get a diaper.

Mitchell is Bowser.
Tennyson is Mario.

I think the big laugh is because Jordan is running her brothers off the road in MarioKart. That's not so bad. 


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