happy valentine's day

Valentine's Day is here at our house. Probably because it is at the stores, on TV at school and preschool. I like Valentine's Day. I know there are so many people that poopoo it because of the commercial aspect, but then we could say the same about Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day too. There is a huge commercial aspect to those holidays, but only as much as we allow.

I like Valentine's Day as a celebration of romance, relationships and friendship. We should more often take a moment to appreciate the special people in our lives. Did I buy some candies and goodies for my family? Yes I did. I can't wait to share them with the kids tonight. I also bought Steven a small gift and a little chocolate. Tonight he is cooking me dinner after the kids go to bed and we'll take time to catch up and share a hot meal and some conversation.

The kids had Valentine's parties today at school. We all got up this morning and I put red and pick clothes on all five of us, then sent two very excited boys off to nursery school and a happy little girl off to grade one. Tennyson and Mitchell came home eager to dump their Valentines on the table and see all the names of their friends on the back. They were just as excited this morning to put Valentines in the bags for all the other kids at nursery school.

It's so fun to be a kid.

Tomorrow we're having a Valentine's Day party at diaper gym. Basically it's the exchange of a few valentines and then we'll all snack on sinful foods. Can't wait!

Of course as an adult I didn't go out and buy valentines for all my grown up friends, but I consider myself blessed daily to have a number of awesome women I can phone, text or talk to, as well as go for an evening out, an exercise class or hit the pool with. I'm lucky.

I'm lucky too, that all the naughty little angels in this house are mine, and their daddy will still be sitting down to a hot dinner with me every night from now until forever, even after the kids outgrow us. I'll still be buying him some chocolate and giving him mushy cards and feeling lucky in love and life.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Stephanie said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Yes, it is great to have such a fabulous group to call on. I really wish you would have got us all Valentine's too though ;)
Tiffany said…
Would rice krispie cake help?

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