i watched captain america tonight

Steven assured me it was a great movie. It was okay. He also mentioned that they explained the Cap'n's transformation really well. Ugh,  yeah. They made a serum out of some alien juices or some prehistoric power source the gods left behind and injected it into the runt's muscles. It made him bigger, and taller. It would seem that the serum also made his bones grow.

The movie was okay though, seriously. I should have started a blog years ago entitled Movies Steven Makes me Watch with scathing reviews.

Guess what he took me to on our first date? Nurse Betty. A man gets scalped in the first ten minutes, and then runs around the room, crashing into things with his hands tied behind his back. Yep. It was supposed to be a comedy. Real funny Steven, real funny.


Steven said…
There was nothing in the trailers to indicate that horrific violence that was only a little bit funny was going to happen in the first few minutes of the movie, and then continue for the rest of it. Still it was a memorable first date, cause you sure haven't forgotten it. (Oooh and soon we can go see the Avengers movie in the theatre, you know the next movie with Captain America.)
Ange said…
Jeff and I watched Nurse Betty on a date once too. It was AWFUL!!!!

Our first date movie was Joan of Arc. Might not be a bad movie but sure was depressing, which is what you want to be on a first date, depressed.

It all worked out though. :)

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