busy weekends!

We've had a busy couple of weekends. This weekend hasn't been busy per se, but we've kept ourselves busy and away from the front of the TV.

Yesterday Mitchell had swimming lessons in the morning. I should mention that he's cute and little and apparently two years younger than everyone else in the class. He'll stand nicely in line with his class, but when the teacher goes down the line getting the kids to bob under the water, he'll just give her a giant happy smile and shake his head no at her. She carries on. I have a feeling he'll do this class a number of times. Probably until he's twelve. At least then he'll be the same size as the other five year olds.

Sometime in the mid morning a little girl from across the street came over to ask Jordan to come and play with her. She went. Tennyson sat and cried, because he's still not used to Jordan having a social life that doesn't always include him. I sent him outside to help Steven fix his truck. Mitchell joined them. Soon after, Steven came in to announce that he was taking the truck for an oil change and to get his tire fixed. Our conversation at that point went something like this:

Me: I thought you said the truck had no brakes.
Steven: Just in the back. The front brakes work.
Me: So why did you tell me that you had driven the truck up over the curb and onto the yard?
Steven: Well I did, but that's because it was slippery and the back wheels kept spinning and the front brakes wouldn't stop the truck.
Me: (Just stared at him, unsure what to say)
Steven: It'll be fine. It's not slippery now.
Me: Really? You really think that you should drive around in town with two little kids in a truck that won't stop?
Steven: Yep. I've figured it out. I just have to slip it into neutral before I brake.
Me: Have you practiced this?
Steven: Sure.
Me: Don't you get into an accident with my kids.

Apparently if the roads are dry we don't really need brakes. Anyway, the kids got to ride in Daddy's truck, which they love and Ellie and I had the house to ourselves for the next hour.

Later in the afternoon we bundled everyone up and walked over to the outdoor rink on 7th Ave. Jordan skated, Tennyson laid on the ice and moaned about how every time he takes two steps he falls down, Elliot and Mitchell ran around the ice desperately trying to get run over by the teenagers and their hockey sticks, and Steven and I took turns skating with the older two and watching over the little ones. Eventually everyone ditched the ice and ended up at the adjacent playground to play before heading home. On the way home we decided to start a fire outside and roast hot dogs. By the time we got the fire going Elliot and Mitchell were done with the great outdoors and starting to whine and want inside, so we let Jordan and Tennyson each roast a wiener and I boiled the rest.

Today we're being a little more lazy. I just booted the kids outside. They were begging to play Nintendo and I told them that there would be no Nintendo until they had played outside for a while. Tennyson is now swinging himself as high as the sky. He's figured out how to actually pump and swing on his own. It's a pretty exciting milestone for a four year old!

Last Saturday Steven and I met friends in Winnipeg at the Melting Pot. I had always wanted to go there and it was worth the wait! We had three courses of dinner; a cheese fondue with bread to dip, an oil fondue with meat to cook (served with rice and veggies), and a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows for dipping. It was delicious! It's a date in itself as we ended up sitting there and visiting for over three hours.

On Sunday we took the kids to Disney on Ice, and after we got past the "No I am not buying you a $15 snow cone" the kids had a great time. I'll admit, I did too. It was a really neat show, with my favorite Disney characters from when I was a kid. After that we took the kids to MacDonalds and let them run crazy in the play place while we recovered from taking four kids to a busy event.

I'm enjoying the events as of late, but I'm happy that today is a lazy sweatpants day. Elliot only got out of her pajamas after she got herself soaked while splashing in the toilet.

I guess I'll end this now because Steven is complaining that my blog post is going to be too long to read.


Natalie said…
I forgot you guys went on that date! I'm happy you had a good time, you deserved it :)

Your blog posts are never too long to read!
Ange said…
Sounds like a couple of great weekends!!!

There's a skating rink on 7th? I did not know this and I live so close! :)
Tiffany said…
Thanks Natalie! I'll be sure to let Steven know he's at least as crazy as I thought he was.

Ange - yes! There's that playground/tennis court on the corner of 7th Ave and 3rd Street and they've made ice over top of the tennis court! It's free and available 24/7!
Neodad said…
Sound like a great weekend! Jealous. But, um, English major . . . "per say"????
Neodad said…
Sorry, pet peeve.
Tiffany said…
How the heck do you spell it? I couldn't figure it out.

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