6 things Elliot liked about the laundromat

  1. Watching the clothing spin around and around.
  2. Crowding the people using the bill-to-change machine so she could watch the loonies come out into the tray.
  3. Sharing a box of smarties. More the smarties, less the sharing.
  4. The friendly laundromat attendant who kept chatting with Elliot and calling her "him".
  5. Flushing the toilet in the restroom.
  6. The last ounce of coffee that she drank out of my coffee cup.


Candice said…
Cute :)

Do you often go to the laundry mat? I remember going as a kid with my mom and I absolutely LOVED those trips with her.
Tiffany said…
I actually don't, but I needed to wash my blanket and it doesn't fit in my machine so every once in a while I'll take it there!
Tiffany said…
She did seem to enjoy herself. I think we should just have playgroup there. They even have free coffee!

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