I started to write a blog post about the weather, but decided that it was infinitely more boring than just telling you that I was going to tell you about the weather.

I'm just sitting here in my quiet dining room. My boys are watching tv and Elliot is having a nap. I know, I should send them outside. I will.

The kids keep asking me if winter is over. The other day we were driving to pick up Jordan. There were puddles on the sides of the otherwise snow and ice-free roads. Water was dripping off eves and out of trees. Kids on the playground were running around with their jackets unzipped.

"No," I said. "Winter is not over. It's just really nice out."

I'm sure they think I don't know what I'm talking about. We're having April in February and I love it. Tennyson knows that his birthday is in the spring. We always tell him that when the snow is gone his birthday will get here. Poor kid. The snow has disappeared and come back numerous times this winter.

I feel like opening windows and letting spring breezes in, but it really is just February and it's not really that warm yet. Won't be long though. I opened a bedroom window the other day to air out the diaper smell. Nothing like a smoldering pail of diapers to make a home feel lived in.

Today is Friday. I love Friday. Tomorrow Steven and Jordan will be home with us all day. Friday nights feel positively festive with all six of us back under the same roof. Last weekend the little girl who visits her grandparents across the street from us wanted Jordan to come over and play. I almost didn't want to let her. As if she's developing a social life. As if she's not just going to be content spending all her spare time with her parents and younger siblings.

Have you seen Jordan lately? She's pretty awesome. She's missing a front top tooth. She's getting lispier. She also just started speech at school. Her letter of study is 'S'. Her second top tooth is loose and crooked and she's having trouble forming the 'S' right now in general, probably because it hurts when she bumps her tongue against it. When I think of her showing up at speech to practice her S's it makes me giggle.

She's also tall and slender and beautiful and has a mess of long hair that falls down her back and shoulders. Her laugh is infectious, and it's just a little bigger when something naughty is going on. She loves to read and colour and leap off furniture. She's the kid who will get all dressed up in dresses and hair clips and then go sit and dig in the sandbox after it rains, past the sand and into the mud where she finds worms and bugs and dead dragon flies that she makes nests for and has mud all up her arms and legs and in her hair and probably in her underwear because she doesn't care about keeping everything all that clean.

I wish she was here right now.


Ange said…
She's a pretty great kid! They all are!!! I am one very proud great auntie!!!

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