today's ten things

It's not even going to be a "ten things about elliot" or "ten reasons why i should rule the world" list (although, that might be a good idea). Today's ten things are just random, but immensely important things that I'm sure you'll want to know.

1. If I had a baby born with an extra finger or toe I'd have it lopped off immediately. None of this "Six Fingered Man" stuff. Did you see what happened to Tyrone Rugen? Having six fingers is just not a good idea. Steven says he'd fight to keep that finger. Apparently the kid would be really good at guitar. I figured being stoned at school for being weird and fingery would  not be worth more efficient guitar playing. As I told a friend this morning, I stopped at four kids, in part, because I wanted to stop before they started mutating.

2. Steven threw out the gym bag that I made in home ec. in grade 7. Can you believe it? Me neither. The heartlessness of the act. I retaliated with name calling and eating the last of the wunderbar ice cream. It was totally his share.

3. Last night I told Jordan that if she went to bed perfectly I'd take her skating at the arena today. Perfectly means that she didn't come out eight times to tell me one last thing, or have one more hug, or because she was thinking about something scary. Perfectly means that she laid down and went to sleep. Now I'm feeling ridiculously lazy and I wish she had messed around a little.

4. Not sure why I promised ten. After three I'm running out of blog fodder.

5. I'm going to sign up for the Half Marathon on Father's Day again, but I'll wait until April just before the early bird registration ends. No sense putting something on my credit card any sooner than I have to. I'll likely have to start doing some more impressive runs lately. I can't wait until the ice, snow and negative temperatures disappear. Although the treadmill is incredibly convenient during the winter months, it's also incredibly boring. Adding music helps to distract, but it has a definite element of noise pollution. I'd rather run around outside without music.

6. I should probably start my singing career. All I need is a recording studio, a singing voice, and some runners who need music to detract from having nothing to think about while they run. Being on a treadmill helps with that.

7. I really do fantasize about meals on wheels showing up here every day with a hot dinner for six, as well as paper plates, cups and plastic utensils. Dessert would be nice too.

8. Mitchell finished his swimming lessons today. He didn't pass, and if he had I'd have wondered what was wrong with his instructor. He didn't do half the stuff he was supposed to do, but he got braver, did a few things he wouldn't have done before, had an obvious crush on his instructor and got to bring home a report card that he's been carrying around all day. Not to mention that this session of swimming lessons was the first thing he's done without a parent or sibling by his side. It was really neat to see him hop into the pool and do something just for him. Go Mitchell!

9. Tennyson does not want to go to kindergarten in the fall. He likes his nursery school teacher, his friends, and apparently he misses me when I'm not there. Lately he has tried to tell me that he doesn't want to go to nursery school any more because he wants to stay with me. He has also started seeking me out randomly throughout the day and saying that he needs a hug. Then we hug and he goes back to playing. I hope he's not going to have separation anxiety when kindergarten starts. It's still six months away. He also tells me he loves me more than the sun, the earth, the moon, all the planets, the stars and really big buildings all attached together. The things change, but each time he tries to think of things that are really big. He's sweet. He also claims that he doesn't ever want to leave me, even when he's all grown up. I tell him that he doesn't have to go anywhere if he doesn't want to. I should get it in writing.

10. Steven is going back to school on Monday to complete Level 2 of his Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic course. I want to get a picture of him smiling by the front door wearing his backpack on his first day. How awesome would that be? Last year he got the highest average in the class. He's so smart. And cute. Although, throwing out my lovingly hand-crafted grade seven tote bag makes me question his desire to live. Just because it had toilet water on it doesn't mean it should die!


Sonya said…
Love #6.
And I want to see a picture of Steven wearing his backpack on his first day back to school! ;D
Tiffany said…
Ok. Wait for Monday!

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