mamma mia

I just watched Mamma Mia with my Mama. It was exactly what I expected - it even ended the way I thought it would end, and I didn't know that much about it before watching it. It was cute, kitchy, melodramatic and totally predictable. I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted a light-hearted, man-not-home, girlie movie to watch.

Some highlights:
  1. Meryl Streep. I always think of her as being so refined and snooty - kind of a classy, untouchable, standoffish, award-winning actress. Who'd have thunk she'd be jumping on the bed and writhing around on the floor in song. And I can't say enough about her overalls. Not very Meryl Streepesque.
  2. The use of every Abba song ever made, even if it didn't fit into any of the movie's plot lines.
  3. The spontaneous crowds that gather to sing the song. I especially like the crowd of men who appeared out of thin air to dance around in flippers. That was funny. I always get a kick out of the way crowds of people burst into song in musicals. Have you ever seen the movie "Enchanted"? Totally far-fetched premise: somehow a Disneyesque (yes, yes, I use "esque" a lot) princess from a movie ends up in the real world. Of course there are many crowd-sung songs and animals that flock to do the princesses bidding. It's actually really cute. I just can't help it, although the sudden need for a song is exceptionally lame, it's really hilarious and brightens my day. Just so you know.
  4. My mom. Anyone who knows anything at all about my mom will know without a doubt that once she rents a movie like this and then sits down to watch it she will not like it. A friend lent her "Chicago." I find great amusement at the thought of my mom sitting down to watch Chicago. It was kind of distracting watching Mamma Mia with Mom because anytime some cute lame thing would happen I'd catch myself watching her instead of the movie, eagerly anticipating the "big sigh" or the "eye roll". Then I'd laugh, and she'd laugh and I'd miss half the song. Not that I lost my place in the "plot." My mom is hilarious.
That's pretty much all I have to say about it. I don't think I gave away anything crucial.

And yes, I know that "thunk" isn't really a word. Sheesh.


Hes said…
I'm glad you enjoyed it with your mom.
Lora said…
My son LOVES this movie more than life. I haven't seen it (bad parenting, I know).

We are on ABBA overload at our house, between his singing ABBA lyrics while playing everything (even GeoTrax. when they stop and he restarts them, he sings "here we go again, my my") and me bustin out the CD in the car
Tiffany said…
It's funny how we recycle "the Old" stuff, and they become new hits in the home!
Q&L said…
Very funny movie, I laughed so much. I normally despise musicals, but I do like ABBA music :)

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