if it looks like cake can i still call it muffin top?

About exercising. Remember that whole thing with www.myfitnesspal.com and exercising and eating right? It sort of died. I can't help it! I suppose I could help it but I'm having a heck of a time finding motivation to get back on the weight loss wagon.

You know how losing a few pounds makes you feel all skinny and pretty in your clothes? And that motivates you to continue being good? And how if you plateau again at that point eventually you stop seeing how you've slimmed down a bit and instead only focus on how much more you have to go, and all of a sudden all you can see is muffin top?

It's not like I don't have the means. I know that eating a box of granola bars is probably not the best weight management tool. I have probably a dozen workout videos. I have a complete set of pilates videos, the tae-bo videos, and a couple of one-off videos. I have a treadmill that doesn't work, an exercise bike in my mom's shed, an aerobics step that keeps the bike company and some dumbbells.

The other day I noticed in the Canadian Tire flier that exercise balls were on sale. I had once heard that if you replace your computer chair with an exercise ball it forces you to improve your posture, and it strengthens your core because you have to constantly keep your muscles engaged so you don't fall off the ball.

Have I mentioned the aerobics class I attended and had to use a ball, and then tried desperately not to fall off the ball, my feet scrambling the entire time to grip the floor in my worn-out shoes? I had to stifle my own laughter the whole time I was rolling about on the ball.

Now I own my own ball. It came with a video. I started the video the other day and then when I slid off the ball I quit. It's not like I was prepared to do the entire thing anyway, I was just checking it out and I had my jeans on, and no running shoes. That's as good a reason as any to forgo the workout.

Steven and I took the ball downstairs to the office (I used to say “computer room” but “office” makes me feel way more important). I made a comment that if I had a second ball I could leave it upstairs for working out instead of hauling the same ball up and down the stairs all day (“all day” - ha, who am I kidding). Steven brought home a second ball yesterday. Good thing too, because the kids were fighting over the first one. Now they each have one to huck around the rec room.

If I spend a couple of hours a day at the computer, sitting on the ball, can I count it as exercise?


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Candice said…
I'd like to think that would count!

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