and then there were three

You know those bad mommies who have their first baby and then take a million pictures of their baby and then the next baby comes along and is virtually undocumented in film or baby book?

I can totally top that.

Steven and I were resting on the couch a few nights ago. Dinner was cleaned up, the kids were bathed and dressed for bed, and we were just waiting for bedtime to finally arrive.

Sometimes, to help the kids calm down for bed, I'll turn off all the lights in the rest of the house and just leave a lamp on in the living room to watch Treehouse read stories by. This was one of those nights. It wasn't helping, Jordan and Tennyson were running around the living room like little crazy people, and we were laughing at their antics.

Then I heard a noise in the kitchen. A little rustling. The last time I heard a little rustling in the kitchen it was a mouse, so when I heard this little rustling my ears perked up right away. I heard the little rustling again, along with a baby gurgle.

That's right, we left Mitchell in the baby swing, in the kitchen, in the dark, and totally forgot about him.


Candice said…
Okay, so maybe laughing out laugh isn't an appropriate response, but if you don't want that reaction don't write so 'funny'!
Tiffany said…
Don't worry, I'm going to print out your comment and save it and someday I'll show it to Mitchell. Ha!

Besides, how much fun would it be to read a blog if it was all serious all the time?
Lora said…
i only have one baby and i did this a few times!
Tiffany said…
Thanks, THAT made me laugh!
It's funny how I write something like this, and think "man, people are going to think I'm a TERRIBLE mommy" and instead everyone regales me of their own similar experiences.

One lady even left one of her kids at church and headed home. Made me feel MUCH better.

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