slacker mom

I'm so bad. Steven and Jordan just left to do some errands, and I stayed home to clean and tidy before our company comes tonight for pizza and games. Let's just say I have done nothing. Nope. Nada, zip, zilch. Well, I did put Tennyson in his swing, and read the paper and blow dry my hair. There are still bathrooms to clean, and toys to put away, and pizza toppings to prepare, maybe some dusting. Yet here I sit and blog. Maybe it's because nobody ever takes Jordan away, and when it happens I want to just veg. She's quite a bustle of activity!

Not everything I've done lately has been slack-oriented. I called a lady yesterday who caters out of MacGregor and offered my services on a casual basis. I have two days coming up already! I also (finally) have my application complete at the school division, and I have a bunch of days lined up to substitute. Not that I've done any of this yet, but the intent is there! Until then, I think I may just sit here. hehe.

p.s. The lady in the picture is not me, although I wouldn't mind having legs like that.


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