happy friday

It's Friday! I haven't been able to be excited about Friday in a really long time. I've been unemployed since April, and Steven hasn't had weekends off with any regularity since he's been in the workforce. But today, it's Friday! I know now that I don't have to get up and work in the next two days so I can shut my phones off and sleep. Oh blessed blessed sleep . . . but wait, there's still that baby. And that toddler. Okay, well I don't have to work anyway.

Work hasn't been too bad. My preference is for high school but I've had junior high the three out of four days that I've worked so far. They've been pretty good. The first group I had this morning was apparently rotten for the last sub, so they were warned and threatened like crazy by all their teachers in the last couple of days that they had better be nice to me today. Usually when this happens they're perfect until they're alone with the sub and then they go for the jugular anyway. Not today! They were angelic. At the end of class (it was a double, so I'm glad they were good) I told them that I'd give them a shining report, and they were so excited. The second group was supposedly the good group. They weren't bad, but you could tell they hadn't been given the gears for days. I like to describe such kids as chatty. I had to speak over them for the most part, but they got all their work done, and they were good-natured enough about it, they just couldn't shut up for more than .64 of a second. Oh yeah, and apparently it's really funny when somebody erases the "s" in Mrs. Verwey, thus making me "Mr . Verwey." Yep, hilarious. Sometimes you have to laugh along with them, even at your own expense. Sigh. Kids.


L.A.Z. said…
Erases the s in Mrs. Verwey...haha, that is funny...the other day I got nicknamed Lola, although that's a great nickname..I'm ok with that! Happy sleeping in!
I remember the subs in elementary school! You know which ones over react to everything, so it just makes it that much more tempting to be brats! Nicely done!

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