the evolution of the child

Human beings are funny creatures. Take Tennyson. I adore him, and it's funny because I know he adores me too. He sits on the knees of other people and if he can hear my voice he cranes his little head to the max to get a look at me. It's quite flattering. And when he does finally scope me out I get a big bright winning smile. I'm his absolute favorite person. You can almost hear his internal monologue "Okay, I just saw her a little while ago . . . I hear her voice . . . she must be here somewhere . . . ooh, little mermaid . . . wait, that sounded like mommy again . . . look on the couch - no . . . look over there . . . turn my head upside down and backwards . . . there's mommy! i love mommy, look at me mommy, smiling at you mommy, yay mommy!" Cheesy as it sounds, if you saw him you'd know I was right. All I have to do is look at the little prince and he glows with joy. It's very sweet.

Then I sub at a high school. Today they had their "lits." Short for what, I do not know. They just call them lits. They're doing their elections tomorrow, and today the parties had a chance to perform for the school. I don't know what the point is, I suppose to entertain the masses and secure votes. It was very entertaining actually. They did skits and played guitar and trans-dressed. I don't know why that's always so funny in high school, but it seems to be a timeless and universal favorite pastime. Each group also made a video. The videos were just silly skits and plays and kids swimming across Crescent Lake after discussing (in an Aussie accent) just how to kill geese. Lots of random situations and funny stuff. And I'm watching these teenage boys and the really dumb stuff they do to be funny and impress their peers. They're like little pseudo-men. As I watch them, trying to portray themselves as incredibly cool and hilarious, I think of Tennyson.

See, and you thought that this was a really disjointed post didn't you? Yet it seems I have come full-circle doesn't it? That's right, doubt not.

Back to Tennyson. I think it's amazing how he thinks I'm really funny and cool and he loves me more than anything, and yet some day I will be so not cool. And that's going to be him on a DVD running full-tilt and throwing himself into a fence before dropping in a pile on the grass while pretending to be a crazy Aussie trying to catch a deer. Yep, my little Tennyson. Poor kid, he's so perfect and blemish-free as of yet, and it's only a matter of years that he'll be intentionally doing dumbass stuff to make the girls laugh. And mom won't be invited. He'll look around the room (say, at a school dance, mwahahahahah) and see good old mom there - of course I'll wave at him, hehe - but it won't be me he's looking for. It makes me sad to think of it actually!! I want him to be my little guy, and try and kiss me [aside - i don't know if he's trying to kiss me, but he mushes his open mouth onto my face really hard, and burrows in, even after he's eaten an amazing amount of formula, so it's not hunger. i really chalk it up to affection].

I shake my head watching these kids do this stuff, and know that it's going to be my kid someday. But you know what? They're having so much fun! In the end, I hope it's my kid on that video, and that he's not the one sitting in the corner of the gym all by himself, so I guess I have to let him do this stupid stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll still get the odd hug :)


L.A.Z. said…
THAT is a fun blog, I really enjoyed reading. It's been funny to hear you talk about Jordan and more girly stuff and now Tennyson as a teenage boy...thanks.

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