This is a picture of Lyla, me, Angela and Lorelie. Last night they came to my house along with their husbands and many babies, for pizza, cake (thanks lyla!) and games. I love spending time in my home surrounded by friends, and these three are some of the best friends I've ever had. Good friends are hard to come by, and now that I have such wonderful ones I'm sure not going to let them go, even if I have to drive an hour an a half for a good visit!

These are our kids. From left to right is Jamin (angela's), Jordan (mine) and Oliver (Lorelie's). They played so well together yesterday, nobody was bitten, smacked or squashed too badly - anybody with kids this age will know what I'm talking about. It's awesome watching Jordan grow up and suddenly really wanting to play with other kids her age, it's friendships blossoming, and it's neat to watch as they start to interact with each other.

Our wonderful husbands; Andrew (Lorelie's), Steven (mine) and Jeff (Angela's). They're walking on the wild side and playing poker. I'd think that they were pretty tough, but there was no money exchanged, and I'm not entirely sure that they even assigned value to the chips. I don't know that it was much wilder than us girls playing the bean game!

Thanks everyone for coming and spending a fabulous evening at our house! I look forward to the next visit and more beans!


L.A.Z. said…
nice updates to the page (quotes, etc.). It was a super-fun night! I'll come out to Portage anytime (except a weeknight or if I have a hot date...haha!) xo
Lily said…
Hey. I have a blog too. Not sure about the link but its on my Facebook page. Feel free to check it out. Good job on yours! I need to start updating mine more often!

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