You know the days when you have plans and there is only a couple of hours before they start? That's today! Today is the nursery school picnic. I know, I know, it's not exactly the Red River Ex or Peurto Vallarta, but I have this feeling of anticipation.

I'm a summer person, I think my recent optimism has to do with the disappearance of snow.

Isn't it a great time of year?

School's just about out for the summer. Okay, okay, I'm not teaching, nor am I a student. But the feeling is there! I spent 17 years of my life attending school, and every May/June I get this joy that it's almost over - the light at the end of the tunnel, the door that is about to open. And you know what's out there? Grass! Toenail polish! Bandannas! Skin! Campfires! Warmth, sunburns, the delicious smell of sunscreen. I can't wait to set up the water slide in the back yard for the kids. I've been sending them outside to play for weeks now, and it hasn't even been that warm. But I put their hoodies on and send them out anyway, and when they strip down to diapers and t-shirts, leaving behind them their shoes, pants, socks and jackets I kind of look the other way. Because it's summer! It's time for them to get all golden/pink with sunbleached hair and sandy feet and sweaty faces. I love seeing my kids slick with sunscreen and water, grass pasted all up their legs.

Steven's off this weekend. He just finished two weeks of night shifts, and is now having a very short nap before the nursery school picnic. Then the five of us are going to go and hang out in the grass with hordes of other noisy, shrieky, sticky children and watch children's entertainers and eat hotdogs, and slop ketchup everywhere.

It's our anniversary. Steven has some sort of plan that has me blocking off Saturday and Sunday on the calendar (I sort of ruined the surprise, but I don't know the details!). I'm so excited to be spending the time with him away from home and celebrating us.

Yes, the air is crackling with aniticipation. I can't even summon up the desire to do a few chores this morning, because it isn't a stay-home-do-chores day, it's a day that's the step-off for a weekend of family, celebration, togetherness.

I'm pscyhed.


Candice said…
My word, you have me excited for you!!! Have a fantastic weekend, do be sure to celebrate 'us' (you know what I mean!). Have fun!
Hes... said…
Have a great time. You deserve it.
Ange said…
Hope you have a great get-away! Happy Anniversary again!

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