recap on the kid who ate the pin . . .

I bumped into a teacher that I subbed for in the past. Of course I didn't recognize her, since I rarely ever actually see these teachers. We were in the gym for an addictions awareness booth-type thing where the students can walk around and get information on a number of things. I started talking to one of the teachers about the kids, and she was going on about how she had such rude students this year. Turns out, the class was the one where the kid ate the pin. I asked (with concern of course), how the boy was doing, and what became of that. He'll be fine, he just has to poop it out. Ouch.

Anyway, the final chapter of this story is thus: He accidentally swallowed the pin while making an effort to shoot it out of a straw and impale another kid with it. Little bugger. Needless to say, nobody feels too sorry for him anymore.


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