slow blogging day?

Yes, it appears to be. I have a list of the blogs I read on the right side of this page. Some are people I know, some are people that people I know know (it made sense in my head, trust me), and some are strangers who happen to have interesting blogs. Thank goodness for the strangers because it would seem that my friends have more to do with their free time than blog purely for my enjoyment. That's fine, no hard feelings :)

This will be random topics, sorry for those of you who like more straight forward stuff.
My poor husband has worked his butt off this last week. He works 12 hour shifts, and he's picking up a few extra. This has pretty much killed any days off he may have had. His last shift is on Saturday night, the ninth one in a row. Of course, on top of feeling sorry for him I also feel sorry for myself! It's bloody lonely! I do have my kids to keep me entertained (or crazy, depending), but after a while it would be nice to have a conversation that doesn't have to do with Dora, what happened in the potty, or why she shouldn't have a treat at 7:30 in the morning. She shouldn't even be up by then, so seriously, don't look all cute and try to get treats out of mommy. It's too early. Speaking of which, I finally threw out the last of my Halloween candy. It had to go. Besides, we already ate all the good stuff.

I hope no potential employers read this.

I know I had more to write about, and now it has been entirely forgotten. I suppose I could finish some laundry, read a somewhat dry book I just started, or watch tv and eat chips. Story about that - Steven asked me to buy more chips since some friends and I ate them the other night when he was working. I bought two new bags under the reasoning that if anyone came over I wouldn't feel guilty about serving one. But nobody is coming over, and they may just disappear anyway. Okay, that wasn't so entertaining. Sorry. If you want something interesting to read there are some links to other blogs on the right!

Tata for now.


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