down home cookin' people . . .

Today I worked for Verna and catered a wedding. It was delicious - the food, not the wedding. I admit, I wrote it that way intentionally. I'll refrain from lame wordplay humor. Maybe.

The best part was that when I got there, my grandma was there too! I haven't worked with Grandma since 1999 when she owned the restaurant, before I quit. I always liked working with her. Hopefully we can do more of it! The cool thing about small towns and knowing people is that resumes and interviews are unnecessary. I left a message on Verna's answering machine that went something like this:

"Hi Verna, I moved back to Portage and was wondering if you ever need any extra help with catering events. Let me know."

She called me back and gave me some dates and times, and thus began our professional relationship.

Funny employee/supervisor story: I was at MacDonald's yesterday during a night out on the town with Deanne. We were watching as this lady moved about the store trying to sweep up little bits of fries and stuff into her bucket on a stick. Her supervisor or trainer was literally following her around and asking her random questions:
  • how many sauces go with 4 chicken nuggets
  • what do you do if a customer is being really difficult
I would have thought that if they were doing some sort of employment evaluation that they'd at least sit in a booth for five minutes, but no, she dogs along at her heels with her little computer device and asks her questions. It was probably frustrating for the worker too, because she didn't speak much English and she was trying to get some work done. As if the whole thing (i almost wrote hole thing - please hire me to teach your child english) wasn't bad enough, she followed her into the bathroom! I'd have knocked the little keypad out of her hand and kicked it off the wall and into my bucket.

As I think about what I just wrote about MacDonalds, I realise that it isn't the least bit interesting. I could have shortened that ten-fold. I'm going to publish it as such anyway, because I wrote it. I'm just putting off going to bed, not that I don't like going to bed.

I fell off the bed today. Yep, right off. I was running my itsy bitsy spider fingers around on Jordan (she thinks this is hilarious, therefore, so not lame) and I went to sit back to let the poor laughing child catch her breath and I sat off the bed. You better not be laughing, because I'll know. Anyway, I landed on my bum and I felt this jar all the way up my spine. It was great. I hope it's not too sore tomorrow. It's funny, I'm always so embarrassed when this stuff happens, so I try to act all sad so Steven won't laugh at me, and then as I think about how it must have looked I realize it's funny, but I don't laugh because I don't want him to! Yet, if he fell off the bed I'd laugh my ass off. Sometimes I even help him along a little, he really loves that.


L.A.Z. said…
i like this blog and I like that you wrote out the McDonald's story, it's hilarious and I think you should send it to McDonald's H.O. And SUPER funny that you fell off the bed...I fell off a chair yesterday, it was least Quinn thot so!

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