the mind may starve, but the body does not . . .

Have I ever been bad lately. Eat eat eat, that's all I do. Last night Deanne and Travis came over for supper and games. The spoils of the night were thus: an entire pan of oatmeal cake, three bags of chips, pop, sugary tea. Not that I didn't have help with this stuff, but I was definitely not good. Not to mention that I gained back half the weight I lost lately. This is so frustrating! I want to snack, I love snacking! I love rootbeer and chips and dessert. I also want to run, but my treadmill is so not working. It's a little cold to take the baby for walks. Jordan I'd walk with, but not Tennyson. My husband works an average of 50 hours a week, and I've actually been working a fair bit also. It's hard to find time for me! I know these are all excuses, blah blah blah. I know I could do aerobics, but that's kind of frustrating when I've got two kids. I have a tape that's 70 minutes long. Last time I tried to do it it took me over two hours because I had to keep stopping it to make bottles, take stuff away from a grabby two-year-old, move the baby out of my way, etc. I could do it after bedtime, but by 8 o'clock I'm so ready to hit the couch! With some snacks.


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