teenagers will eat anything

Ever have one of those days that seems like more than one day? When you look back at the day before bed, and the morning seems like yesterday? For those of you to whom this makes no sense, please disregard. For the rest of you, carry on!

It was an interesting day. I subbed this morning in grade 9. Have I mentioned that grade 9 kids are on my list of things that are the bane of my existence? Today this was confirmed. If I told you that I was going to work 2 hours and 20 minutes and make $50, you'd think "wow, slack job." Well, today I had the worst kids ever! I spent a large portion of the time trying to get the kids to be quiet and actually do something. I don't even care if they're slacking, as long as it looks like they're working so that if someone important comes in (as in the principal or the prime minister or someone equally important) it looks like productive things are going on. After a while, I kind of gave up on having a lot completed and just shut the doors so as not to bother all the other, more productive classes. What happened next was ridiculous. I had noticed a kid had been munching on a strait pin - one of those ones that you use for pinning stuff to sew. At the time I thought "wow, what a stupid thing to chew on" but I didn't stop him. I figure by age 14 if you choose to engage in such behavior you deserve what you get. To my own defense, I really didn't think anything would actually happen, but all of a sudden I noticed he had a slightly worried "I just ate a pin" look on his face. I couldn't believe the little bugger actually swallowed it! Okay, now those of you who are fellow parents of toddlers who constantly fall off stuff and bonk their heads on things despite your prior warnings, you'll understand my annoyance. I wasn't mad or worried. I was a little annoyed. It was one of those moments where I had to refrain from both eye-rolling and laughing. He then told me he ate the pin, to which I replied "well, go to the office and tell them what you did." Yep, washed my hands of that one. A few minutes later he came back and started gathering up his stuff, while the other kids razzed him with questions like "Are you dying?" and "Can I have your clothes?" I'm surprised nobody checked his pockets for spare change. His own worry wasn't too great, because he was standing in the doorway and still talking to his friends, who were laughing at him. I asked him if he was going to the doctor, and he was, so I told him good luck and shut the door. Yep, my sympathy was great. I might be more sympathetic if he were . . . oh I don't know TWO, but at high school age I'd think he would know better. That's my story about that.

Tonight we had a late Thanksgiving/Welcome home for my grandparents. We met at Boston Pizza for pizza and pop and then reconvened at my house after for dessert. As always there was way too much dessert and way way too much pizza but overall the whole evening went pretty good! I'm glad Grandma and Grandpa are home. It's fun to visit the family. Except that Chad, he picked on me. He's in grade 9 so I told him to go eat some pins. Of course this didn't help to stop the verbal assault. All in all, a good evening.

Just remember, baby proofing your house doesn't end when your kids hit high school. Go figure.


L.A.Z. said…
that's hilarious...kids will be kids, or what's worse...boys will be boys. Makes for a good story, even on his part, anytime he's trying to make conversation with someone...just tell the pin story..."I ate a pin once", that's bound to grab anyone's attn.
T&C said…
I'm...like...crying I'm laughing so hard!

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