i hope the other guy looks as bad as i do!

Surgery is done. You know, you'd think surgery would be all flowers and candy, but in real life, it really isn't. Okay, so nobody really thinks it's all flowers and candy. I had surgery on my eye eight years ago, and I think I have forgotten what a real bummer it is.

Funny story: the first night home, my conformer came out. A conformer is a little thing that goes just under the eyelids to sort of keep room in there for my soon-to-come eyepiece. It is not the ball that is implanted. That never comes out. I told my Grandma that the conformer had come out, and because of the swelling I couldn't get it back in for the life of me. Steven tried too, no luck. She tells my mom this. Remember in school when you'd play telephone, and the kid at the front of the row would whisper a message to the kid behind him, and back the message would travel until it hit the back of the row and then you'd compare the starting message and the ending message, and see how different they were? Well, this row was only three people long, but my mom had the impression that the eye implant ball (no idea what it's really called) had come out and Steven and I were trying to get it back in during the night. She was quite concerned about this, being that we weren't doctors. I think she figured something had been lost in translation, but she was concerned nonetheless. Not to mention the implant is actually sewn in. As much as I love and trust my husband, I'm not looking to ask him to perform late night eye surgery in our bedroom anytime soon. I can also just imagine the mental picture my wonderful mom and grandma must have had about this entire story. That's the funny part of this story. Poor ladies. Oh how I love love love them.

Stuff is starting to be less swollen, although I still look like I was punched in the eye. I managed to get the conformer in, and it doesn't hurt to look around with the good eye anymore, which is a real plus. The kids went to Debbie's today for the day, and although I was excited about having a couch day (i need to find a new label for this, "couch day" seems really lazy) I really really miss them now! It was just me, all day in the house with no hubby and no kids. Sometimes I dream of this, and now that it's happened I really want them back! Soon enough. Steven's over there right now, probably packing everyone up and getting the common diaper bag lecture.

I'll keep ya posted! I can't wait to put pictures in here after I get all fixed back up. December 19th is my big day!


L.A.Z. said…
Oh Tiffany, your perservance impresses me SO often!! I love it! So, we'll see you on Saturday, we're bringing dinner (supper as they say in Austin..lol), so NO cooking! See ya then!

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