my lunch

A bowl of Greek yogurt with a squirt of blueberry syrup, and a glass of wine. 

This is why I could never run a popular food blog. 

This is why being a grown up is sometimes seriously awesome. 

This was completely necessary to make room for the kids' lunch boxes. I certainly wasn't going to drink four litres of milk. 

This has been spirited away so I can eat it in my room where nobody else is. 

This follows a day where I've actually eaten very little in proportion to the amount of running I did this morning. Should be a pleasant afternoon. 



Alison said…
Wine and yogurt. Sounds good to me. I'd chose white wine though.
Tiffany said…
I actually prefer white wine too, but I had to buy this for a recipe one day, and I figured I may as well drink the rest!

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