Today is the first day of Blogtober. I am being forced to dictate this to a device instead of typing it into my computer like a normal person. I even had an awesome blog in mind. I was going to tell you all about taking Jordan to the art gallery to see the Greek exhibit, complete with awesome pictures, humorous anecdotes, and and especially disturbing, yet incredible giant dead baby. My friend insisted that the baby was not meant to be dead, merely giant, but you can judge for yourself.

Do you know when you can judge for yourself?

When Steven returns my laptop power cord. I imagine him sitting in the kitchen right now giggling to himself as he listens to me curse at Siri for screwing up every third word.

Stevens power cord stopped working a long, long time ago. Now he steals my power cord any time he wants to use his computer. Unfortunately, the battery in my computer no longer works for more than a minute or two without being plugged in.

This should make for an awesome blog Tober. Do you see that? Do you see what Siri does?

Seriously though, this will be fun!

Happy blogging!


Alison said…
My power cord is messed. It has to sit in my computer just right in order for me to get internet. So annoying!

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