book club

Tonight was book club. It was my turn to host, meaning that my house is now clean going into the weekend (that doesn't happen often). The book was Common Ground by Justin Trudeau. Did it sway my vote either way? No. I actually did not enjoy the book, and only made it to page 35. I may not have admitted this to the group, but fortunately (or unfortunately, since I'm a bit of a talker), I completely lost my voice yesterday and spent the evening eating and pouting and attempting, from time to time, to whisper, so nobody noticed.

I really love book club. I may be admitting my nerdiness, but it's seriously the highlight of my month. Next month we are back to fiction and it's a book that sounds pretty interesting so I'm pumped! Our group is made up of 9 women. We are all ages, and have different jobs and family situations, different backgrounds, etc. and the conversation and the different viewpoints are awesome. Happily, nobody is overly scary so we all feel pretty comfortable sharing, even if we feel our viewpoints differ from the rest of the group on something.


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