today's ten things, and a bit of other randomness

I'm not feeling particularly "bloggy" tonight. There are a few things that would be fun to write about, but I don't want to ruin them.

If that makes sense.

Nanowrimo is coming again in November. I know it's kind of goofy to devote so much time to something I'll never ever let anyone else read, or read again myself (for the most part), but it's awfully fun to do. I've only ever finished twice, so this year I'm determined to make the third.

I made Steven order a power cord for his own computer last night. I just now kicked him off his computer so I could take back my power cord.

I feel like I should write about what we did today. Let's do it in ten points.

Today's Ten Things:

1. I took Elliot to swimming lessons, but not before she freaked out at me at home because I brushed her rat's nest air, and she doesn't think it needs brushing if she doesn't have to go to school. Her meltdown quickly became a tantrum, and she declared through tears and angry red face that she was not going with me to swimming lessons, and that Daddy should take her. We said no. He wasn't ready. She threw some shoes around, refused to put on her jacket, ended up locked outside the front door with her jacket in a heap beside her (this is all perfectly normal in the north end, worry not), all the while screaming and crying her angry little head off. She also threatened to never kiss and hug me again (through sobs. when the best declarations are made). Whatever. We were eight minutes late for a 30 minute lesson.

2. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Between the peanut butter sandwiches and the sweat pants I feel like I'm definitely in danger of regressing into childhood. Thank goodness for the half a pot of coffee I drink every morning that cancels that out. I also brush my hair daily.

3. I killed a few green portals in Portage. Watching fields fall is fun. I'd elaborate more, but Steven rolls his eyes and sighs when I talk about it. He can simply rest easy that I'm representing for the resistance.

4. I totally did not dye my hair. It's completely dark golden brown (and not at all grey) all by itself.

5. I walked for a total of 30 minutes. My friend Sherri and I are on a kick to exercise every day and see how long our exercise streak can last. I'm currently on day 21.

6. We had pancakes and bacon for supper. I love Saturdays.

7. I delivered a bunch of things that had collected in our house back to the people who owned them. Goodbye cat carrier and giant turkey roasting pan.

8. We drove out to St. Francis Xavier to visit with Steven's dad and Not-So-Wicked step-mom. Steven also helped carry some giant iron fireplace thing out of their basement. It must not have been that bad or I'd have heard a lot more complaining. Not that he complains. Ever. About anything.

9. I told Steven, as we were cuddling on the couch (at home, not at the not-so-wicked in-law's house) that I kind of felt like beating him up a little. I totally could have too if he didn't pull me off the couch by my leg and sit on me. He's kind of a cheater. Good thing he's cute.

There. Nine things, as promised.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


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