no, it's not a dog

I just called Steven to tell him to pick something up at the store on his way home. I told him that he needed to come home and see what I bought, that it was necessary, and kind of a bigger item. He doesn't wait well. Soon he was guessing and wanting to know what it was. I told him he'd have to wait and see, and that it was sort of for everybody.

S: It's not a dog is it?
T: (pause, he's so fun sometimes) . . . Maybe.
S: You didn't.
T: (frantically looking for a dog barking on youtube) Just come see.
S: (exasperated, as if I'd actually buy a dog on a whim and not ok it first) You had better not have bought a dog. You didn't.

- Dog starts yapping on youtube.

T: Shit, this is the first time it's barked. I promise it's not going to bark.
S: You didn't. Is that a dog? Really? (big sigh) I'm going to have to kill it. (lol he wouldn't really)
T: Just come see.
S: (breathing noises) You didn't. Not really. Is it a robot dog?
T: Just come see!

It's his own fault, he put the idea out there. Thanks YouTube!


Ange said…
That is so funny!!!

"I'm going to have to kill it"


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