little bits of sunshine

Three awesome things for today:

  • Elliot bounced against my legs as I sat in a lawn chair, wanting up. Then as I reclined a bit in the chair she laid against me with her head raised and grinned. Then she shook her head maniacally from side to side. I giggled. She grinned bigger and did it harder, taking immense pleasure in making mommy smile.
  • I've been wearing a bracelet all day that Jordan made for me yesterday. It fell apart last night and I gathered up the beads and string and put them on the counter. Jordan discovered it this morning and quickly set about re-making it, even though we had a less-than-stellar morning together.
  • Homemade beef barley soup, and cottage cheese and grapes for dessert.


Sonya said…
I like this post!
We all have those less than stellar days, but there's always little rays of sunshine in there. :)

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