Just like that the day is more or less done. It's 9:30. I always have this plan to go to bed at 10, get a good night's sleep, get up early (5:30) and run, shower, and feel energized and well slept and ready to start the day, without coffee.

Usually I watch Big Bang reruns until after 11, go to bed, maybe fall asleep right away, turn off my alarm clock in my sleep, wake up closer to seven to the joyful noise of kids fighting, eat a Tylenol or two (sometimes), and hang out in my pjs until I absolutely have to dress myself. The well-slept part? Not so much. Usually after lunch I fall asleep on the couch, around the time that I had planned on doing some strength training.

Contrary to popular belief, "chasing kids around all day" is not really exercise, and carrying a heavyish toddler is not really strength training. If these things were true I'd be seriously cut. My kids are runners and jumpers and jokers and biters. I spent a little time chasing, more time carrying and the most time hollering from my comfy spot on the couch.

Ooh phone! It's Steph, do I answer?

I think that's called live blogging folks. I am so 21st century.

Chatted. Now I'm back. As if I'm not distracted enough when I blog/cook/fold laundry.

You know what else? This could be TMI. If anybody doesn't want to read about anything bathroom feel free to skip ahead some. It doesn't seem to matter which bathroom I use, and we have three - they find me. I could retreat to the en suite bathroom, and no sooner do I sit down but I hear little feet thumping (there is no sweet pitter pattering in this house) up and down the hall and looking for Mommy.

My point? (this is more for refocusing me than filling you in. I'm sure by now you just think I'm a little mad)(isn't it also annoying when people put parenthesis after the period/question mark/exclamation mark? thought so. I'm taking creative license here, just carry on. I really have nothing specific to blog about, I just thought I should try and stay more current)

My point is that I never actually start something and finish that something in a time frame reasonable to that task. What a confusing sentence. I'm sure it's somewhat proper though, so deal.

My baby boy turns three this week. We actually had his birthday party on Sunday, so he thinks he's three already. I'm not going to bother confusing him by explaining that his party was not on his actual birthday. When Jordan turned three she had three different parties. When all was said and done she told me that she was five now, because of all the parties. It was cute. I can see how she'd be confused.

Mitchie never terrible two'd. He has by far been my most laid back, mellow kid. Lately he's had a couple of tantrums and he's become especially possessive of his things. Watch him be the craziest one now. Today he had a tantrum and I calmed him down just by pulling him into my lap and giving him a hug. Then he just had a little cry and settled down. I'm hoping he won't get too ragey in the months to come.

Steven just fired up an episode of the Big Bang Theory. It's all downhill from here.


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