dear hitch hiker

Dear Hitch Hiker:

I saw you trying to hitch hike through town as I made my way home from the store tonight. I have a few thoughts.

Firstly, if you're going to be shaggy, aim more for the cute, boy-next-door / Justin Bieber shaggy. Looking like you just crawled out of the bushes where you've lived for years and survived the last few months by eating the flesh off of Mowgli is probably not going to get you into someone's van. The grizzlier you are, and the wilder the look on your face, the less likely anyone is going to refrain from locking their car doors and speeding up as they pass you.

Secondly, hitch hiking? Seriously? Bus pass dude.

Thirdly, okay, just look at firstly again. You're frightening.

not a chance


Natalie said…
Better yet is the guy living out of his stationg wagon! He was sleeping in the Co-op parking lot the other day.

Tiffany said…
That IS pretty sketchy!!

Although, think of the lack of responsibility...

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