lazy tuesday morning

My goal today was to stay home this morning and not schedule any play dates. My bathroom needs scrubbing, my floors need vacuuming (and mopping, but let's not get carried away) and there are loads of laundry to do. Not to mention the camper that's still set up in the driveway to be cleaned up a bit, repacked, folded up and moved out of the way. Nor does that count the garage sale I am determined to have this weekend, which should prompt me to actually find, sort and price stuff and declutter this crazy house. I also wonder how long the plants I bought will last on the front step without being planted. I watered them a few days ago so they should be fine, right?

So much to do, and even a little time to do it.

Now it's noon. There is one load in the washing machine that's probably ready to go in the dryer and that's all I've accomplished this morning. It's been a nice morning. I talked on the phone with a friend, the kids slept in until seven, ate breakfast at 8, and only got out of their jammies shortly thereafter. I'm kind of reveling in laziness, and yet still feeling guilty that I've done nothing but complain about the state of this place and yet I'm not taking advantage of prime cleaning and decluttering time.

Whatever. The baby hasn't complained yet about still being in only a pj top and a diaper. I guess I could wash the crusty boogies off her face. She's now hurling megablocks down the basement stairs. Mitchie is going to be a little annoyed when he figures out what's going on, especially since it's the remnants of the tower he smashed when he had a mini tantrum.

He's decided that since he never terrible two'd, he had better not waste the threes. It's still pretty minor compared to his brother's bout with the threes - so far.

I can't believe summer is careening so fast into the impending fall/winter/school start. I'm not ready for any of that. Jordan will be in grade 1, and she'll actually be gone most of the day. I kind of liked dropping them off at nursery school and kindergarten for a couple of hours in the morning and having them home by noon. Having her gone from 8:45 until 3:30 is a little sad. The boys will both be in nursery school two days a week, leaving me with two mornings each week with only one child. I'll admit I'm (more than) a little excited about a little breathing room! I can't even imagine going grocery shopping with only one kid. It's been years since that's happened! However. Having them all home in time for lunch is nice. *Sniff*

What else?

Blogging is great for procrastinating.

I also promised myself that I'd clean up the toy room with the kids today.

My to-do list:
  • vacuum
  • wash bedding (in progress)
  • pack up camper
  • clean toy room
  • declutter something
  • plant plants
  • wash girls' laundry
  • procrastinate (done!)

That's right. I'm just using you. I'm sure you'll forgive me.


Candice said…
Gosh I love your posts!
Natalie said…
If you actually have the garage sale, let me know if you are getting rid of baby stuff or toys!
Tiffany said…
There will be baby stuff for sure!

Some, anyway.

I've got a snuggli, a mobile, some clothes and a jolly jumper - off the top of my head!

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