Do you want to know what you sound like when you scold someone? First, have two kids sort of close in age and listen to the way they give each other heck.

It's occurred to me that I say "that doesn't mean . . . " a lot.
Tennyson annoys Jordan. "That doesn't mean you get to hurt him."
Jordan wants to paint. "That doesn't mean you wait until I'm off doing laundry and sneak it all out."
etc. etc.

Last night the kids were brushing their teeth. We were talking about toothpaste. I buy the kids mint stuff because it's cheaper than the baby stuff. They were complaining about it, and they want the Winnie the Pooh bubble gum flavored toothpaste again because it tastes better. Tennyson is sitting there, watching himself in the mirror, using his toothbrush to smear paste and slobber all over his chin, and complaining about his yucky toothpaste.

Jordan snaps "That doesn't mean you rub it all over your face!!"

She uses the EXACT same tone, voice inflections, attitude, etc. that I would have used. Exact.
I almost shot toothpaste out my nose. I think they thought I was mental as I laughed through the rest of my own tooth cleaning.


Hes said…
That's hilarious. Kinda scary when you start to see your own kids mirror your behaviour, eh? Too funny!

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