how many months until summer?

Okay, so I know we have Halloween to look forward to, and then Christmas, and then New Year's Eve.

Not that Steven and I won't just rent a few movies and then suck face at midnight. If we can stay up that long.

I'm sort of missing summer already. There isn't even snow on the ground yet. I have these plans for kid activities in the backyard this winter, and they should be fun, but a (huge) part of me thinks - "yeah, but then I have to dress them all and send them all out and then one of them will pee/poo/snot on his/her snowsuit and the fun will be OVER. I'll do it. It'll be fun. I guess.

I've also got the kids signed up for a couple of things at the library, and I've been contemplating taking them skating once a week to break up the winter monotony.

But I really like summer. Really.


I think tomorrow I'm going to let the kids carve pumpkins. Well, they can scoop and draw the face, I'll do the carving. Jacob (the little boy I babysit) insists that his mom lets him play with knives and that he can do his own. I've nicely shut this down. Can you imagine a 5 year old sawing away at a pumpkin? Me neither. Scary stuff. Maybe I baby them too much, I don't know.

There's a baby at diaper gym and every time I see her I want to snatch her. I should take a picture and put it on here. She's adorable. My favorite part? Her little ears fold over ever so slightly at the top.

I was reading My Charming Kids today. Stellan is back in the hospital. He was intubated. I hope like crazy for this little boy to make it through all his heart trouble. I wish this mama could stop worrying and living with a kid whose future is so uncertain. It makes me thankful for my kids' non-issues. Runny noses? Meh. Poopy pants? Annoying, but meh. Daddy squishing Jordan's finger in a car-door? Unfortunate, but meh. These things I can deal with. This stuff is cured by tissues, hugs and sometimes a bit of scolding.

Am I all over the place? A little. I don't blog as much these days. I'm a tad busy. So now I'm on here trying to pretend I'm still a blogger, even if I don't really have too much to say.

Did I mention I babysit? He's 5, and pretty dang cute. I'm also doing Epicure parties. And there are still my own kids. Odd that I don't have a "real job" and yet I don't find I have time for everything I want to do. Not that I don't manage to fit lots in.

Right now I'm wearing an old sweater that my mom bought me. She bought it before she left my dad. I remember that because after we left I started buying my own clothes. Steven keeps trying to make me ditch this sweater. It's at least 14 years old, maybe more. It's niiiiiiccee. I'll keep it forever.

Remember when it was really cool to wear the biggest sweaters you could find? I don't just mean loose baggy sweatshirts, I mean I could have fit in a medium and instead I bought an XL. That's the sweater I'm wearing. Remember when it didn't matter if your ass wasn't perfect because your sweater went halfway to your knees? Remember? The early 90's were awesome! It's when those of us who were kids in the 80s tried to catch up, not realizing that the 80s were over. Remember stirrup pants? And slouch socks? Sadly, I own neither. I'd totally wear them around the house if I did. Maybe not the stirrup pants. I don't like feeling string and stuff on my feet. Slouch socks might be alright.

Leg warmers! Hot pink!

Right now I'm wearing striped Winnie the Pooh socks with grippies. Can't tell I'm a mom eh?


Candice said…
Sooooo glad to hear something out of this site!!! All you Canadians are leaving me in the dark lately.


On a nicer note, you're the reason I'm blogging... It seems like NO ONE else reads my blogs, considering there is only one commenter: You.

You keep me going!
Tiffany said…
I read everything everybody posts - I don't always comment though. I'm guessing that we're all following, although the others are probably more lurky about it!

I love catching up on your news in Costa Rica! Keep it coming!

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