I know I haven't been blogging much lately. At all. I feel as though I'm on autopilot. Like I'm not really thinking. I get up in the morning, pride myself on showering before the kids wake up, get breakfast, run to diaper gym/nursery school, pick up Jacob (a little boy I babysit), come home, make lunch, muddle through the afternoon, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, bath kids, dry kids, brush hair of screaming kids, put kids to bed, put kids to bed again, and again, collapse in a heap on the couch and wait for bedtime. Then I (sort of) sleep through the night only to do it all again the next day.

It's not that it's boring, there is lots to do. There just isn't a lot to write about.

Last weekend I had a fantastic evening with my blogger friends here at my home. I was going to blog about it. Then I didn't. Then a few days passed and I felt as though the window had closed.

I used to feel like my head had so much information in it, like I had so much to talk about. Now I talk about Tennyson's poop coming out of his tunnel, because that's what he talks about. I think I'm less "Tiffany" and more Jordan's mom, Tennyson's mom, Mitchell's mom and Steven's wife.

I mentioned on facebook that I pushed the couch up to the tv and made popcorn and chocolate milk and had a movie night with the kids. My facebook friends commended me for being such a good mommy. I kind of felt bad. I don't know that I even do it to be a good mommy, I think a lot of the times I do it for me. My day is so full of caring for the kids, feeding the kids, cleaning the kids, cleaning up after the kids, carrying the kids around, etc. We have a movie after supper, after bath, after the pj's are on, after the diapers are on. I get to sit and enjoy them, knowing that all the kid-chores are done. It's nice.

I apologize for not blogging more. But seriously, I really don't know what to talk about.
I used to feel like I was interesting, maybe even somewhat entertaining.
Now I have difficulty summoning it up.

People talk to me about something that's happened in the community, tragic stuff, happy stuff, stuff everyone else knows. I never hear of this stuff. No, I don't listen to the news. When would I do that? You know what happens when I flip on the TV? The kids whine and screech because it isn't Treehouse, and I can't hear it anyway. It's easier to leave it off, or let them have their Spongebob.

My home is a cocoon. I am so sheltered from everything that isn't my life right now.
The other day I had to think really hard about who our premier was. That's terrible!!
Did you know that I'm supposed to be a history teacher someday? Don't ask me about history, I'm having enough trouble with the present.


Lora said…
I don't watch the news either.

And I feel like being a good mommy is all encompassing, it's learning how to do things that are good for everyone and enjoyable for everyone.

Also, we talk about pushing poop trains out of butt tunnels all the effing time. There is even a song about it at my house.
Q&L said…
Our premier is almost nobody at the you wouldn't have been wrong to guess that. He resigned, and their going to elect a new one within the NDP party. I'm a little geeky, I turn on the CBC news channel, sometimes its on as background noise for hours during the day. The baby and I will watch it soon, how exciting!
Anyway, September is a busy time of year, right? Don't beat yourself up...and don't feel you need to blog about "dead" snakes to compensate ! :)
Tiffany said…
I'd be interested to hear the poop train song!

Lyla - get that baby out already, I'm waiting for news!!

And there's nothing like a dead snake to liven things up.
Sonya said…
I this quote the other day and thought it to be so true:

When you have kids, the days are long, but the years fly by.

You're an awesome Mom. And no one else could be to your kids what you are. :)
Tiffany said…
You guys are the best you know.

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