on a brighter note...

I'm considering making my blog into a book. It would cost somewhere about $100. I know, it's expensive. I won't likely do it just yet, being in the post-Christmas red and all, but I'd definitely like to do it in the next few months. It's not even like my blog is profound, or that it would fly off the shelves in bookstores (unless there was a hurricane, tornado, or really bad kid there), but it would be kind of neat to have it in print. I have lots of stuff in here about the kids, and some day to day happenings and it might be fun years from now to look back and remember some of these silly things.

Some people journal. I lose my keys.


Hes said…
That's exactly what I'm trying to do...., if I can ever get it back to it's normal format. I figure it's kinda my diary for the year. I'm gonna go back and have one made for each year I blogged. I think we will appreciate it later in life.
That's definitely my plan with starting my blog. I think all women, all Moms, have something to say that needs to be heard whether we realize it or not.

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