awana concert

 Tonight was the Awana concert at Jordan's friday night Awana church.

That was a horrible sentence. It's okay. It's Christmas!

Here's Jordan in her cute little dress.
 Jordan's hair.

People asked me if I had taken her to a hair dresser. I'm proud to say that no, I didn't. I did it myself!
 The boys, misbehaving in church.

Tennyson told me ahead of time that he was going to go and change into something "fancy." I didn't realize until we got to church and I helped him out of his jacket that "fancy" meant X-Men.

Mitchie ended up in the nursery. Then it was Mommy's turn to giggle in church when we could still hear him ROARing in the sanctuary.


Probably should have left her at home. I'm pretty sure she's recovering from the seasonal flu - the same seasonal flu that spiked her fever and sent her into convulsions on Monday.

Look how happy and sickly she looks. Poor baby.
 The Awana kids singing some pretty cool songs.
 The cute one is Jordan.
 I just had to get a picture of Jamin. Not sure if it comes across here, but his complete concentration during the songs looked a LOT like a scowl. It was awesome!

He's the little short one. Scowling.
The youth group.

About halfway through the play they started forgetting their lines, giggling and hauling out their scripts from their pockets while eating cookies. At one point someone threw a line out there and I'm pretty sure it was the same line he had used about eight minutes earlier.

It was hilarious, and also cool how they carried on, saw the humor in it and managed to pull it back together and finish. Go kids!

All in all, a nice evening, followed by platters upon platters of cookies, along with tea and coffee.

More Super Fun Verwey Christmas posts to come!


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