diaper gym woes

I have got to de-grumpify. I'm feeling very grumpy right now. It's totally the kids' fault, or maybe my fault, or maybe by Friday morning I've clearly drained the bottle of patience. Usually by the time the week is over I'm definitely ready for Steven to be home for a couple of days.

Just ask him how happy I was the last weekend he was on call and was in and out every night for a week and then all weekend too. He think I was grumpy. I think my attitude was just reflective of his abhorrent desire to run out and unplug sewers instead of stay home and entertain me.

Where was I? Right. Not my fault.

Seriously though, the kids are pretty cute these days, when they're not fighting. Or awake. Or hanging on my legs at diaper gym and crying despite the fact that I go to diaper gym so that the little darlings can run off and play with their friends. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD - GO AND PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS CHILD!!!!

The Little Miss is driving me nuts at diaper gym these days. She is ridiculously clingy. She's also trying to look like I don't feed her. At home she eats a big bowl of cheerios, sometimes not finishing all of it. Then she whines to get out of her highchair, leaping from chair to table if I don't take her own quickly enough. Enter diaper gym. She whines and moans over the diaper bag, staring at me the entire time as if I'm withholding snack. Being that she's the fourth child, I sigh and haul out a snack. She eats it. She whines some more. I give her the next snack and then the next. She cries and freaks out if I try to feed her the yogurt so I hand the 17 month old the spoon and her own sloppy food. She eats it. She then makes her way down the table once the other kids start to wander off and polishes off their yogurts, puddings, granola bars, juice boxes, etc. She sits on the table and cookie-monsters it all into her face. When the food is gone she comes back to me and hangs on my legs and whines until another mommy finds her more snacks. Then she sits on my lap and wails and reaches for my coffee. I get up and go to the kitchen and get her a drink of water. She's good for eighty seconds and then resumes the whining and reaching.

She's driving me nuts. I really am going to set up a baby time out play pen. I wonder how well that would work? Of course when I took her out of it I'd have to comfort her for twenty minutes to make up for her being contained/confined/punished/heart broken.

Don't even get me started on the hitty, screamy, sock-losing, non cleaning-up, girl snubbing, baby pushing boys. At least they don't do it right at my feet. And if I have to stick one of them into time out and then forget about them for 15 minutes before someone says "Hey, is Tennyson still in time out?" At least I can pretend that I intended to leave them there that long.

But they're cute, and I love them, and I'll likely inflict them on everyone again on Monday.


Anonymous said…
Maybe we need to set up a snack station for Elliot around the table so that she can go from Chair to chair after the older kids have eaten their snacks. It would take her longer and it seems to entertain her for awhile.
Seriously though, every kid goes through phases where they drive you a bit nuts and then they grow out of it (or you get used to it) and eventually they will find something new that drives you nuts. She's not driving anyone else nuts though so don't worry about us. Oh and I have found that its just easier to pour them their own coffee :)
Lora said…
Poor baby is hungry! ! Or she just associates the place with eating. How funny. To me. Probably not to you.

We started time outs at 18 months, it worked for jake and it definitely worked for me. They were more for me, really. I put him in the pen with a few toys and could leave the room. Around 2 is when we started putting him to sit on the couch for a couple minutes. That worked too because he was used to a time out sorry of thing where we all took some time to calm the heck down!

Now he gets sent to his room and I'll admit here that sometimes I pray for him to do something that warrants room time!

Good luck! !
Ange said…
I agree with Catherine, it's not driving us nuts and go ahead and put some coffee in a sippy cup for her. lol

She's really cute though, especially when she's eating all the other kids leftovers and then looks up and gives you that huge, look what I've got grin! She's adorable!!!
Tiffany said…
You know, I bet she does really associate the place with eating. The moment we get there she's digging at the bag. I might have to get real steadfast with the ten o'clock snack so that she is forced to learn that she has to play or do something else. She really just wants to nibble the entire time. It's driving me nuts.

I probably should get firmer with her. Ugh.

Maybe a high chair would work. If I put her in it to eat and then cut her off the minute she gets out she'll learn that she can't just climb up and down off my legs the whole time and eat/drink/scavenge stuff.

I agree Catherine - she'll probably grow out of it. I hope. If nothing else I can always send her to the Duggars!

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