dear lord let's blame it on the seasonal flu

"It doesn't even make sense to donate glasses to Africa. It would make more sense to just donate a computer and then they could go online and order glasses for like six bucks, and if they ordered glasses for the whole village they would only have to pay shipping once."

"This kid built a windmill of garbage and they could plug into that. It produces energy. Pretty genius kid. Everybody laughed at him until he built a friggin windmill and made electricity. Pretty awesome. Give that guy a laptop."

"Your clacking is very annoying. You need to tone it down a bit. Now you're just doing it loud on purpose. Don't think I can't tell."

Now he's dozing on the couch. He just about choked on some phlegm in his sleep. Serves him right. This is what happens - we want our husbands to turn off the tv/wii/computer/ipod and talk to us. Then this is what we get. I think he's being all intentionally weird so that next time I'll just let him have his tv/wii/computer/ipod.

I'm going to turn the TV on. That's how we find out if he's really sleeping. He can't handle not watching the tv. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to compete with In the Night Garden for his attention. - Oh, reaching for his glasses. It's not even a show he'd like. I haven't even begun to channel surf yet.


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