my princess and her hair

The thing about little girls? They negate the need for me to play with barbies. Remember reluctantly putting away the barbies when you were twelve nine? Me too. It was time to grow up. Time to stop dressing up dollies. Time to think about boys even if all the boys in your class seriously sucked. No offense.

Enter - the six year old daughter with hair down the middle of her back. Living barbie? Of course not. I'm way past that.

But seriously, check out the picture! I wish I'd have taken pictures of some of the other styles I've stolen off The Story of a Princess and her Hair** website. The author of the site is a hairdresser, and the mother of a little girl with long thick hair, and she's very nice about sharing ways to fancy them up. Not only that, she breaks down the styles so even a mom with ten thumbs can muck her way through them and end up with something cute looking.

Would you believe that I've got a giant length of ribbon, five elastic bands and four bobby pins just to make this loopy, ribbony bun?

I was going to take a picture of the other little girl - you know, the hairless one, to show you why it's important to have multiple little girls, but she took off with my sandwich.

Lunch is never the same once there are kids milling around like little scavengers. Of course she turned up her nose at her own sandwich - the one that is exactly the same as mine, but Mommy's sandwich is so worth stealing.

**The cool thing about this site is that you can look up the facebook page, flip through the pictures in her albums, and then click the link right underneath the picture and it'll take you back to the blog for the full tutorial.


Sonya said…
Good for you for putting the effort in to create such pretty hair styles. Lucky Jordan.
Not many ribbony hairstyles going on around here with the brush cuts and all. ;)
Tiffany said…
You'll have to make sure and have a girl next time!

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