A couple of weekends ago the ballet came to town. I had never been to a ballet and have always wanted to go. I knew Jordan would love it too, being that she's into all things princess right now.
 Jordan loved it. She gasped each time a new ballerina came out, especially if she was wearing a different dress.

 At one point I noticed that she looked a little sad as she gazed in awe at the performance. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I just have tears because they're so pretty."

Then I got a little teary thinking about the depth in this small child.

She's such a mix of dresses, dirt, frogs and pretty things. I love it.

I'd recommend the ballet to anyone, especially when it's a shorter performance showcasing dances from multiple ballets. The stands were full of women with their little girls, all excited to be there.

Can't wait for it to come back next year!


Sonya said…
That's so awesome! I went to the ballet years ago and I loved it. Being able to go a little closer to home would be awesome. I'm assuming it's an annual event? How did you hear about it?
Tiffany said…
I can't even remember. I didn't actually hear about it until the night before or that day on the radio, or noticed in the paper or something, and ended up getting my tickets only hours before it started.

It's an annual event. It was really good!

They even had an intermission and free hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids. It was a perfect mother/daughter date!

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