Two more sleeps until Blogtober.

I think capitalizing it lends credibility to the event. I'm sure you want to join.

Shoot, I had a blog post in mind when I logged in here and now it's completely gone. My head is an anomaly.

I guess this means staying on top of cutting my fingernails in the month of October. Does anybody else find that typing is more efficient with short fingernails? I do. I have no idea how women with their wickedly long gel nails can effectively work their way around a keyboard. I type between 90 and 95 wpm and having long nails cuts that way down.

I'm sorry. I'm sure my original blog post idea was way more interesting than the length of my fingernails. I'll amp up my subject matter in time for Blogtober - at least for the first week.


Sonya said…
I got gel nails once. And never will again. And not for my wedding (but it should have been then!). It was while I was working in the typing department at the mutual. You're right. Typing with long nails just doesn't work. Then try to get that junk off once it starts growing out! I'm way too low maintence to keep up with that! Besides, I don't want poo stuck under my super long nails when I change diapers. ;)
Tiffany said…
So I guess you'll have to let the gel nails go again soon! Yay! I am unbelievably excited for you. :)

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