cool or cheesy?

Jordan is in Grade 1 this year without any of her friends from last year. Privacy rules being what they are, we as parents get no class lists or last names of the kids or phone numbers of other parents. It's kind of annoying. Jordan has played with a couple of the kids from her class, but half the time she doesn't remember what the kids names are, never mind the last names or who their mothers are.

A friend of mine suggested looking up mommy business cards online. I looked. They're cute. It's something you could give to a mom on a playground instead of looking for a pen and paper to exchange information, or tuck inside a birthday invitation or give to Jordan to send home with a new friend at school to give to the other parents. This is what I found. Not sure if I'm going to do it or not. What do you think, cute or cheesy?


Stephanie said…
I think they are awesome!
Q&L said…
i think they'd be neat for you to have on hand as you pick up Jordan from school, if you do meet any of her friends and parents that Jordan seems to want to get together with or is genuinely close with, they have an intro to you. Would it be bad to have Steven's name on there somewhere (just so they know, there would possibly be either of you caring for their kid if they were at your place??). I think sending them in birthday invites is good too...altho by the time Jordan's b-day rolls around, you'll prob be well acquainted with her friends and other parents.
Lora said…
Well, I've given out my actual business card to some moms and I hate it because my job is on there and the Department I'm contracted through is our children's protective services and I hate that they think I might be a DHS worker. (Dept of Human Services). I have blog business cards, but I didn't want the moms to know about my blog.

If I would have had a mommy business card, I'd have been all set. I love them.
Jen said…
Those are great. Maybe I need some of those? Hmmm...
Anonymous said…
Thank you! I really do need durable cards to attach to my products when selling at consignment/vendor fairs. this is perfect. i can even use all of my crazy scraps!

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