just a heads up

Blogtober is nearly upon us. Anybody with me? Are we going to blog every day in October? You have three sleeps to prepare. That link is just to my blog last October. This blog has some serious vanity issues.

From there - NaNoWriMo!! The past three years I've attempted to write a story. I have not gotten very far. This is the year.

Anybody out there have a novel idea (ooh punny)? Seriously - just a sentence or two will do.

Just say "Write a story about . . . " I need to steal your hooks, unless you're going to use them to write a story.

Steven? You in? NaNoWriMo?


Candice said…
Oh my GOODNESS you're right! I was like Blogtober? That's a month away still!


Please remind me again in 3 days.
Christina said…
i'm in too!! I'm didnt even know about blogtober but was thinking I needed to discipline myself to blog more often, so yay that should do it!!

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