I'm sitting in the "office" in the basement, trying to get my stupid printer to print off one stupid thing, and it won't. Whatever. As I sit here I find myself thinking: I should clean this dumpy dump dump room up again and use it as an office. Funny how these things change. I used to sit down in this (probably equally messy) room on the desktop and think would it ever be cool to have a laptop and be able to drag it upstairs, and it is, but it would be kind of neat to have this room more functional too. I envision a nice tidy work area, papers that are actually filed, a clean desk with only my printer and scanner on so it would be easy to plunk down and plug in when I needed to use these things.

You never know, it just may happen. Maybe a shelf, a cactus or a picture or two may find their way down here yet too.

I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures if I decide to spring clean this dumpy room.


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